The Ricordi Online Numerical Catalogue expresses and embodies the celebrated Milanese musical publishing house’s activity.  All the works acquired by the company, founded by Giovanni Ricordi in 1808, are present in numerical order roughly corresponding to chronological order. They are described with their essential information for the identification of the compositions, including the sale prices at the dates of the publication of the catalogue’s two volumes, information that makes it possible to identify many first editions.  The two volumes of the catalogue, an important bibliographic resource for the history of music and music publishing from 1808 to 1870 in Italy and Europe, are here made available online. They contain 43,025 entries.  This online version may be consulted easily by catalogue number, by author, by the title of the composition, and by the date of publication (or acquisition) by the editor Ricordi. 



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Cat. Number Note Date
32037 Perny, Pietro
Aux jeunes Pianista. - Le Parterre musical. 100 Leçons faciles, progressives et soigneusement doigtées sur les mélodies les plus en vogue de grands compositeurs, divisées en 10 cahiers. Op. 32. 4.e Cahier :Leçon 37. MARTHA de Flotow. M' apparì tutt' amor
32162 Ascher, Joseph
Illustration pour Piano sur MARTA de Flotow. Op. 77
34289 Roman, Giuseppe
Andante de concert pour Piano sur MARTA de Flotow. Op. 61
35456 Bonamici, Ferdinando
L'Alba del Pianista. Suonatine elementari. Op. 144:N. 11. MARTA
35769 Galli, Raffaele
Il Flautista in Società. Album contenente sei Pezzi brillanti (Divertimenti) per Flauto con Pfte :N. 1. Flotow. MARTA. Op. 174
35808 Ketterer, Eugène
Fantaisie brillante pour Piano sur MARTA de Flotow. Op. 60
36044 Beyer, Ferdinand
Nouvelles Fleurs de salon. 12 petites Fantaisies pour Piano sur des motifs choisis d'Opéras favoris. Op. 154: N. 2. Flotow. MARTHA
36261 Bovy-Lysberg, Charles Samuel
MARTHA de Flotow. Fant. pour Piano. Op. 100
36334 Fischetti, Matteo Luigi
Istituto musicale. Raccolta di 12 Sonatine elementari per Pfte, divise in tre Classi. Op. 123: Classe seconda. Dalla Semibreve alla Croma : N. 2. MARTA