The Photographic Collection of the Archivio Storico Ricordi originated during the second half of the 1800s and covers the whole of the 1900s, counting thousands of items thanks mainly to the interest shown by Giulio Ricordi for this new artform. Photography had become an increasingly indispensable medium within an editor’s production system, as evidenced by Casa Ricordi’s early periodicals such as Musica e Musicisti and Ars et Labor. This section includes a list of the nearly 900 photographic studios that collaborated with Ricordi, including many of the national and international big names in photography.

The luthier Luigi Paganini with M°Archimede Montanelli and the little Balilla, photograph by Battista Canè, Forlì, early 1900s

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Attilio Badodi
Ghitta Carell
Ugo Mulas
London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company Ltd.

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Photograph Description Author ID Date
Napoleone III Alophe, Marie-Alexandre FOTO01643 1855
Friedrich von Flotow Desmaisons, E. FOTO02807 1860
Man portrait Alophe, Marie-Alexandre FOTO02356 1860
Woman portrait Aubert FOTO02346 1860
Woman portrait B.B. & FOTO02347 1860
Hans Guido von Bülow Meisenbach Riffarth FOTO00493 1860
Carlotta Marchisio Mieczkousck, I. FOTO00729 1860
Man Portrait Bertinazzi FOTO02342 1860
Demeur Charton Petit & Trinquart FOTO03067 1860