Le Costume au Thèatre et a la Ville

In the historical Ricordi archives there are some examples of two magazines edited in France: Le Théatre - Revue Mensuelle Illustrée and some booklets of Le costume au théatre et à la ville. Ricordi’s purchase especially of the latter could be explained by the need to gather theatrical documentation useful for creating the staging for the operas set up by the Milanese editor. The magazine Le costume au théatre et à la ville, in fact, was characterized by various offset illustrations that show stage costumes, among which were prints of Sarah Bernhardt, the protagonist of the Tosca of Victorien Sardou, whose costumes certainly inspired Adolf Hohenstein for the realization of those for the first staging of Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca in 1900.

Title: Le Costume au théatre et à la ville
Subtitle: Revue de la mise en scène (A Review of Staging)
Bibliographic level: periodical
Type of document: text
Frequency: irregular
Publication: n.1 (15 Dec 1886) - 1890
Numbering: year I (1886) – year II (1887) – year III (1889)
Place of publication: Paris
Editor: Librairie centrale des Beaux-arts
Physical description: 8pp.; 5 offset illus.; 31 cm. (about 12 in.)
General notes: in the Ricordi archive there are 15 booklets dating to 1887-1889
Language of publication: French

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