L'Italia Musicale

In 1847, even the Milanese editor Francesco Lucca created his own periodical, L’Italia Musicale – Giornale Artistico-Letterario, in which he intended to include other arts alongside music, ‘Tying together all the arts, here, under one of the most free and fortunate of flags, again, is perhaps not without significance, and can be conducive to respect and mutual love.’ Lucca, too, like his rival Ricordi and his Gazzetta Musicale di Milano, would find the publication suspended in 1849, since in 1848 it had essentially become political with the title Italia Libera. It started up again in 1850 with a program in which the editor undertook ‘to procure an abundance and variety of material’ and ‘in an appendix to review everything that will be published in the fields of literature, the fine arts and industry.’ The publications would continue until 1859 without, however, proposing the variety of music and colored illustrations as had been done in the editions of 1847-48, for example, the images of the debut of I Masnadieri of Verdi, given free-of-charge to the readers.

Title: L’Italia musicale
Subtitle: Giornale Artistico-Letterario (An Artistic-Literary Newspaper; 1847); Giornale dei Teatri con Appendice di Letteratura, Belle Arti e Varietà (A Newspaper of the Theater with an Appendix for Literature, the Fine Arts, and News; 1850); Giornale dei Teatri di Letteratura, Belle Arti e Varietà (A Newspaper of the Theater, of Literature, the Fine Arts, and News; 1851); Giornale di Letteratura, Belle Arti, Teatri e Varietà (A Newspaper of Literature, the Fine Arts, the Theater, and News; from 1853)
Bibliographic level: periodical
Type of document: text
Frequency: weekly (1847 and 1859); bi-weekly (from year 2, n.1, 30 Jan 1850)
Publication: 1847-1859; not publ. 1849
Numbering: year 1, n.1 (Jul 1847) – year 11, n.23 (Apr 1859)
Place of publication: Milan
Editor: F. Lucca
Physical description: 11 vols.; illus.; 38 cm. (about 15 in.); 43 cm. (about 17 in.; 1859)
General notes: from year 1, n.38 (9 Apr 1848) until year 1, n.47 (21 Jun 1848), the title changed to Italia Libera, Giornale Politico-Artistico-Letterario (Free Italy. A Political-Artistic-Literary Newspaper), and then reverted to L’Italia musicale (The Italy of Music); it appeared on Wednesdays; from nn.38 to 43, it appeared on Saturdays
Language of publication: Italian

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